Matt Crumpton’s Music Industry Book, Making It, Available at!

We are pleased to announce that our managing attorney, Matt Crumpton, has released his music industry career book, Making It: How To Go From Wanting A Career As An Artist To Having One. Matt and his co-writer, Nashville based entrepreneur/musician Tristan Kinsley, spent two years working on this book.

“I was prompted to write the book because I have so many music clients contacting me about demo shopping and asking me to help them with their careers, said Crumpton.

“From experience, I knew that the best way to make it in the music industry is to help yourself. I wanted to give my clients the secret to having a music career (to the extent that a “secret” exists). I am excited to finally be able to give emerging artists a behind the scenes view of what it looks like to have a career in music.”

The book can be purchased at by clicking HERE.

Here is the Amazon summary of the book:

For years, up-and-coming musicians have wondered the secret to “making it.” Finally, there is a book that provides answers to those questions, straight from the source: successful artists themselves. In Making It, successful artists are asked the same question: How did you go from wanting a career as a musician to having one? Featured artists are Jerry DePizzo (O.A.R.), Joe Pisapia (Guster), Dave Barnes, Gabe Dixon, Five Times August, Chris Trapper (The Push Stars), Derek Webb (Caedmon’s Call), Marti Dodson (Saving Jane), Griffin House, Johnny Lee, and Erin McCarley. Reading this book will allow you to take control of your career by getting good advice from people who have been there.

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